Reach Net Zero with the highest quality, nature-based carbon removal credits

Drive your climate and nature strategy forward with high-quality, tech-verified nature-based carbon removal credits.

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It's Time to Turn Targets into Climate Action

By purchasing carbon removal now, you unlock financing for new projects, securing better pricing, and guaranteeing the needed supply for your future claims.


Ensure your company meets the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) Net Zero framework, which only accepts carbon dioxide removal credits.


Nature-based carbon dioxide removal can be evidenced and quality assessed more clearly, safeguarding your company’s reputation


Support nature-based carbon removal projects that also benefit local ecosystems, biodiversity, and human communities - generating a true win-win-win for all!

Treeconomy’s difference

Monitored credits, the very best carbon removal credits

Multiple layers of assurance to prove and track carbon removal and climate impact

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Generated from inherently Good Projects

Our credits come from projects that enhance biodiversity and benefit communities. Developers recreate natural ecosystems and involve local stakeholders, ensuring projects deliver value and ongoing support.

Tech-driven measurability

Our credits feature precise measurability of carbon removal volumes using high-resolution drone and satellite data with AI. This ensures accurate carbon volume data, which is essential for reporting and tracing carbon removal efforts.

Proven Additionality

We assess additionality with reliable data and baselining methods, ensuring projects deviate from business as usual and exist due to carbon revenue. This maintains environmental integrity and prevents unabated emissions.

Ongoing monitoring

We commit to quality with ongoing satellite monitoring for each project, allowing continuous risk tracking and insights into long-term effectiveness. We also report on loss events, providing reassurance and control.

Our service

Marketplace overview

Go from accounting to accountability with our marketplace's nature-based projects, backed by robust Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification technology.




Purchase Management

Quality you can confidently assess and purchase from

Explore our carefully curated selection of projects backed by our MRV technology and scientific expertise. Conduct thorough due diligence by utilising our rigorous framework with metrics & insights into carbon credits and their projects.

  • Carbon stock calculation
  • Project development updates
  • Verification and certification documents
  • Co-benefits
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Procurement types designed to fit your needs

Short-term or long-term climate goals? we've got you covered.


One-off purchase of pre-verified carbon removal credits for immediate climate target claims.

Carbon credit types:



Large & small

Primary buyers:

Primary Buyer IconCorporates

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Multi-year commitment to purchasing carbon credits, to be verified in the future to support long-term climate targets.

Carbon credit types:




Primary buyers:

Primary Buyer IconCorporates
Primary Buyer IconNatural capital investors
Primary Buyer IconTraders

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One-time purchase of carbon removal credits, with verification planned for the future to support mid-term climate target claims.

Carbon credit types:



Large & small

Primary buyers:

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Treeconomy Ackron Mixed project image.

Ackron Mixed

Sutherland, Scotland


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Treeconomy Miramichi Forest Carbon project image.

Miramichi Forest Carbon

New Brunswick, Canada


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Treeconomy TBN Atlantic Forest project image.

TBN Atlantic Forest

Mata Atlantica, Brazil


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