Create successful nature restoration projects

Access remote sensing data & AI analysis to plan, create, and monitor your nature restoration project, as well as sales & project finance to make it a reality.

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Achieve project success

Tech-Enabled Monitoring

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Tech-Enabled Monitoring

Access Treeconomy's world-class remote sensing and AI capabilities to design better projects faster and to monitor, report, and verify impact more confidently.

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How it works

Step 1

Tell us about your project

We start with the basics: size, project type, and shapefiles. Tell us about your project and what you need to move it forward and improve it.

Step 2

Access data to design your project

Great projects need great data. Gain access to Treeconomy’s remote sensing & AI capabilities, whether it's baselines, projections, or monitoring plans.

Step 3

Get project finance

Creating great projects costs money, which many project developers don’t have. Work with Treeconomy to secure financing to create the best project possible.

Step 4

Validate your project

Securing validation for your nature restoration project shouldn’t take years. We provide you with the data you need to gain rapid validation.

Step 5

Sell carbon removal

You’ve created a high-integrity project, restoring an ecosystem and removing carbon dioxide. Ensure you receive fair value for your work with Treeconomy’s Marketplace.

Step 6

Monitor, report & verify

Proving and evidencing your impact over time is increasingly important for investors and buyers. Treeconomy makes this seamless and easy for you with bespoke MRV.

Access Sherwood, your end-to-end nature-based project development hub

With Sherwood, you can accelerate your projects at any stage of their lifecycle to deliver real carbon removal impact

Streamline project certification

Enhance project integrity

Effortlessly monitor and mitigate risk over time

Streamline project certification

Access industry-leading carbon stock estimates and forest insights right down to the tree level. Accelerate validation, verification, and project development with the best baselining and ongoing monitoring.

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