Reliable data is gold in today’s carbon market

Our nature-based projects are measured and monitored with satellite, drone and field data, providing the ultimate in transparency, traceability, and quality assurance.

A granular tech-driven approach to measure carbon offset volume and calculate natural capital

How it works


Ecosystem baselining

Our AI models process high-resolution remote sensing data to quantify and classify the different habitat types at each project site.


Remote sensing data collection

We collect remote sensing data prior to project commencement and regularly thereafter. We also gather field data to validate and calibrate the results of aerial scanning.


Carbon removal quantification

Every project, every habitat, and every ecosystem we work with is different. We tailor our analysis to the site, using a mix of per-tree evaluation and extensive habitat classifications to produce the most accurate carbon assessment.

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Deployed via drone or plane, LiDAR laser scanning allows us to produce highly precise 3D models of the forest. With LiDAR, we can distinguish individual trees, hedges, and shrubs, while measuring their size, density, and growth over time.

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