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Connecting you to the highest quality nature-based carbon credits with complete project measurement, monitoring, and reporting.

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Sherwood makes sourcing and managing your carbon removal credits easy, direct, and trustworthy. We develop our projects hand-in-hand with landowners and local partners, bringing new high quality credit supply to market. Every project receives our ongoing digital carbon monitoring as standard, so you can buy confidently and report credibly.

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How Sherwood Works

Sherwood is a platform for managing and accounting for nature-based carbon removal credits and projects. We offer detailed project overviews, ongoing reporting, a range of purchase options, and portfolio management all in one place. By harnessing our unique carbon measurement and monitoring technology, we ensure that every project is transparent and every credit is traceable.

Treeconomy Project
Treeconomy Project
Treeconomy Project
Treeconomy Project

Fund projects you can rely on

All the projects on Sherwood are developed by Treeconomy. We work collaboratively with landowners to ensure long-term responsible land stewardship and ecological priorities. This allows us to focus not only on the number of carbon units produced but on their quality - the kind you can trust.

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Access precise carbon accounting and nature analytics

How do you know your nature-based carbon credits are real? Are the trees really growing? Has the carbon actually been sequestered? Is the project delivering on its impact claims? With Sherwood, we make the intangible tangible. Explore your projects in detail via our unique map view and visualisations. Locate your carbon credits in space, track projects status, and get down-to-the-tree carbon sequestration data for unprecedented traceability and transparency. By pairing earth observation and machine learning technology, we provide continuous project monitoring and reporting.

Achieve your Net Zero goals with long-term purchase options

We offer you a new way of purchasing carbon removal credits - secure your credits today and fully pay when they get delivered later (following your Net Zero compliance planning). This is an opportunity to guarantee you a long-term stock (and price) in a market where high-quality supply is lacking, demand is increasing and prices will likely go up.

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