Meet Sherwood 2.0

A nature-based project monitoring platform for land managers, project developers, and asset managers.

Measure, track, and report on your projects and make their value tangible, all from one place.

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Streamline project certification

Access industry-leading carbon stock estimates and forest insights right down to the tree level. Accelerate validation, verification, and project development with the best in baselining and ongoing monitoring.

Quantify, trace, and tangibly communicate impact

Effectively understand and convey your project's impact with our user-friendly interface. We provide key metrics, maps, and visuals that set you apart from your competitors and encourage stakeholders to engage with confidence.

Effortlessly monitor and mitigate risk over time

Measure, monitor, and report on your project with regular high-quality assessments. Ensure adherence to evolving industry standards as buyers, investors, and certifiers demand more data and greater traceability for verified long-term impact

Maximise the return on investment on your project’s carbon removal credits

Build trust, traceability, and transparency via the application of Treeconomy's cutting-edge remote sensing science. Connect your project to our Marketplace to access a premium carbon price for monitored credits

Manage your project portfolio all in one place

Bring all your projects into a central, digital location. Conveniently maintain high-level portfolio oversight with a simple dashboard for summary metrics. Enhance your understanding of overall performance and potential

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